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David Yaffe

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American Onanist

Annie Clark’s 70s Show

St. Vincent’s latest album, the 70s-themed Daddy’s Home, is releasing in a wave of bad P.R. It’s so good you’ll listen anyway

Ireland’s Fire

Disturbing the Universe

Underneath the Velvet Underground

Todd Haynes turns to documentary to get at the heart of Lou Reed’s 1960s New York City band

Bob Dylan Is Back (Again)

Mann, Uninterrupted

Aimee Mann, who provided the songs for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia and was one of the Big Lebowski nihilists, has a new album

Bowie’s Back

A never-before-released David Bowie album hits the airwaves

Man Out of Time

Stupid and Contagious

Bass Instincts

Ron Carter, the most recorded bassist in history, turns 85 at Carnegie Hall

The Smile Opens Wide

Bad Moon Rising

Strong as Steel

Hey, Genius

Cécile McLorin Salvant sings art songs for the new 20s

Lynn Goldsmith Has the Password

The American photographer infiltrated the world of music’s greats. Her portraits of Aretha Franklin, Cher, Bob Dylan, and countless others are collected in a new, 80s-themed coffee-table book

Wasn’t It a Long Way Down?

Waxing Poetic

Sweet Nothings

Suzanne Vega Is Watching You

The singer-songwriter performs her folk-pop hits at City Winery in Greenwich Village

Practice, Practice, Practice


In an interview, the pianist Víkingur Ólafsson discusses his affinity for Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto, which he’s playing around Europe

Degrees of Separation

The Secret Life of Lucinda Williams