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Danielle Pergament

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Meet Diet Barbie

“The Sorority Nutritionist” promises to make her clients hot, and she’s not afraid to say the words “lose weight”

The Getaway Scar

I never really believed in the transformative power of makeup—until my daughter proved me wrong

What About Bob?

Who would’ve guessed that the snoozy, stodgy bob would become the favorite cool-girl cut? It just took some tweaks, a little mess, and a loose attitude

Can You Hack It?

Bangs are back, but top stylists are wary. Chris McMillan gets to the root of the problem

Come On In. The Water’s Miserable!

Do cold plunges hold the keys to longevity and weight loss? Our brave writer prepares to freeze

The Best Heads in the World

For the past 50 years, the world’s top models have relied on Garren to create their follicular identity. No wonder he doesn’t need a last name

Mouthing Off

My teenage daughter’s obsession with makeup drives me insane. And it’s all my fault