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Charles Leerhsen

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I Was a Trump Ghostwriter

Back in the 1990s, when Donald Trump was still in his larval stage, it was almost possible to feel sorry for him

The Country That Never Was

The Hindu nation of Kailasa is making friends across the world. Such a shame it doesn’t exist

The View from Here

Jeffrey Sachs, the man once described as “the most important economist in the world,” has been saying some very strange things in some very peculiar venues

Anthony Bourdain’s Last Days, Revisited

How the chef’s biographer got past the guardrails of France’s Le Chambard hotel and into the room where Bourdain took his last breath

What on Earth Happened to Lara Logan?

The former 60 Minutes foreign correspondent recently took a hard turn to the conspiratorial and anti-Semitic right. Is PTSD the cause, or is there something else?

On the Dodge

Retracing the life of Butch Cassidy, the American West’s answer to Robin Hood