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The Money Shot

Scottish photographer Albert Watson reveals the stories behind his best work

WASP’s Nest

Terrified by the distinctly WASP-ish hell of lacking a life’s purpose, Cold War columnist Joe Alsop created a setting for his self-protective, civic-humanist fantasy

A Victorian Ted Bundy

It’s Complicated

The revolutionary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl won the hearts of everyone from Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger to Joseph Goebbels and Roger Ailes

Short List

What to read in the coming weeks, from memoirs exploring masculinity and the cutthroat world of ballet to a look at the history and future of motion

Here Is New York

Douglas Corrance’s colorful photographs recall summers in 1970s and 1980s New York

A (Truly) Perfect Spy

Two More Trump Books

Safe Mode

The authors of a new book on the history of quarantines think they’re here to stay

Off the Mark

Comstock’s Ghost

Anthony Comstock spent his life trying to curb women’s rights. His traumatic history makes his mission all the more bizarre—and perverse

Short List

What to read this week, including books on J. Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy, and Roy Cohn; the virtues of forgetting; and the life of Rob Sedgwick

Good-bye, Blake Bailey

Book-industry insiders are coming down on both sides of the Blake Bailey–Philip Roth controversy, which resulted in the pulping of Bailey’s Roth bio

When David Met Carmen

An alluring new book explores the relationship between two fashion luminaries

Drama Queen

Over a decade-long career at HBO, Miranda Cowley Heller worked on The Sopranos and The Wire. Her debut novel is as fun as the best TV shows

Flying the Coop

There’s Something About Serena

What is it about Serena Williams that brings the world’s best tennis players to their knees?

Not So Happy Place

Short List

Books to read this week, including a memoir from Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris; an inside look at the Secret Service; the true story of a Montauk shipwreck; and a colorful history of spas

Bret Easton Ellis’s Rules of Attraction

The shock jock of American letters is back with a serialized audiobook that eschews the culture wars for something closer to home

Love at First Letter

Inside the bizarre world of dating, sex, and marriage in America’s prisons

Match Made in Hell, Part II

What would you do if the man you were sleeping with turned out to be a psychopath on the U.K.’s most-wanted list?

Murder, They Wrote

Treasure Island