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Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker is the Style Editor for AIR MAIL. She also co-hosts AIR MAIL’s weekly podcast, Morning Meeting, alongside Deputy Editor Michael Hainey. Baker lives in New York.

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A Busy Week of Bad Behavior

From Andrew Cuomo to British grifters to sexcapades at country estates, we cover it all in this week’s podcast

All Paths Lead to Rome

What better way to see the Italian countryside than a walking safari that includes great food and quaint inns

A Conversation with Stephen Fry

Plus: a look at the scandal rocking the Vatican

Dan White

Hollywood’s favorite magician reappears on … Zoom?

Designing Woman

Julia Haart, the star of My Unorthodox Life, discusses how she rebuilt her life starting at age 43

Gen Z and the Great WFH Revolt of 2021

What happens when offices reopen and no one shows up?

Inside Trump’s Chaotic and Crazy Final Days

Michael Wolff, best-selling author of Fire and Fury, discusses his riveting new book, Landslide

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Notes on (Summer) Camp

She’s got a new Audible series … and thoughts on what is scary



aRossGirl x CubaLab


David Yurman


Dad Grass


Graham Norton Has a New Story

The comedian and talk-show host discusses his new novel—and whom he wants to interview next



Revenge of the Nerds: Tech Bros and Their Sex Lives

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and … former Google C.E.O. Eric Schmidt?

Callicoon Hills


Do You Have a Personal Travel Ninja?

Europe is open, but for navigating ever evolving regulations and fewer flights, no app beats an experienced travel planner

Salvatore Ferragamo


Tom Ford





The Popover Top


The Dress

Vaxxed and Waxed and Looking for Trouble

From New York to L.A., it seems everyone’s making mischief. Or scandal

They’ll Get the Party Rolling

A new company takes the stress out of entertaining at home