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John Mauceri

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Look at the Old Girl Now, Fellas!

In 1967, Pearl Bailey appeared in an all-Black Hello, Dolly! It was a sensation, smashing preconceptions, showcasing civil rights, and announcing a new era on Broadway

We All Make Mystiques

The unforgettable night in New York when Jackie Kennedy watched as opera’s greatest diva sang Tosca and bungled the high C

Wagnerian Army

Why is Prigozhin’s Russian mercenary force named after Hitler’s favorite 19th-century German composer?

The View from Here

Why isn’t John Williams treated like Igor Stravinsky?

Clash of the Titans

In 1958, two Broadway hits, West Side Story and The Music Man, had a fateful showdown, and only one came out on top. This year, we are finally getting a rematch

Opera Non Buffa

Opera is back with the summer festivals of Salzburg, Bayreuth, and Aix-en-Provence, but it’s as bleak as Mozart’s Requiem

The View from There

Something’s Coming

The West Side Story story is a complicated one, and the new Broadway production has a lot of history to reckon with