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The days of slipping a maître d’ a $20 bill and skipping the line will never be numbered. But Earnt is a clever new platform that makes access to in-demand places and experiences much more straightforward and altruistic. By teaming up with brands, restaurants, and cultural centers, it invites users to secure access to reservations, limited-edition-product launches, and special events by first committing to an act of virtue, such as planting trees or painting a school. Its next event, on April 22 in London, will be a two-hour litter pickup along the Thames, and afterward participants will be able to seamlessly reserve a table at the River Cafe (a notoriously challenging feat) and enjoy a special menu. Earnt has already done similar partnerships with Soho House, Desmond & Dempsey, and Summerill & Bishop, with many more projects planned. ( Baker



Flower shops come and go, but if you live in New York, Ariston is forever. The family-run business opened 40 years ago with a tiny shop in Union Square, expanded to service weddings and other events, and today operates two storefronts: a new Union Square location, at 78 Fifth Avenue, complete with a charming café, and a Midtown space, at 42 Lexington Avenue, conveniently close to Grand Central. Ariston’s seasonal bouquets—the result of long-running relationships with local growers, and the key to lasting blooms—lend themselves to any occasion. Our favorites for this time of year include Love in Spring, a lively assortment of colorful tulips, and Bright Day, a delightful mix of daffodils and peonies. (starting at $85, —Julia Vitale



Everyone loves an underdog story. Tetris, the behind-the-scenes account of how the billion-dollar video game came to be, is just that. Stan & Ollie director Jon S. Baird and Genius creator Noah Pink joined forces to tell the story of the game’s creation (by the genial Soviet mathematician Alexey Pajitnov in 1984) and how it got out from behind the Iron Curtain. Anchored by a captivating performance from Taron Egerton, who plays Henk Rogers, the plucky American entrepreneur who put his entire life on the line for the sake of Tetris, the result is an atmospheric spy thriller with a sense of humor. ( —Bridget Arsenault


A Trove of Zohars

Lawrence Weschler describes himself as a “decidedly unlikely modern-day amateur sleuth out of Pasadena, California.” And what he sleuths best are stories of what he calls “slippage”—niche yet rich histories that have yet to be fully excavated. Nearly 30 years after his first novel (Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder, the Pulitzer-shortlisted account of the Museum of Jurassic Technology), Weschler has set his sights on a little-known mid-19th-century Lithuanian immigrant. Shimmel Zohar captured Jewish life on the Lower East Side in the 1860s and 1870s, and his photographs were discovered only recently. Upon a closer look, Weschler found the story behind Zohar’s re-discovery to be entirely perplexing. He pairs his fascinating investigation with an extensive collection of footnotes, which makes up almost half of A Trove of Zohars. Don’t be put off—the self-christened “digressive delirium” is infused with commentary, humor, and anecdotes that make the section a selling point for the book rather than a slog. ($29.95, —Paulina Prosnitz


14th Night

The idea of swapping the curling wand for a texturizing spray is always appealing. But the reality often results in stiff, sticky, and dirty-looking locks. The Natural Surf Spray from 14th Night uses a mix of aloe and argan and pomegranate oils to keep your hair feeling soft to the touch. Meanwhile, amethyst crystal and sea salt create perfectly undone, beachy waves. The company’s founder (and Vogue alum) Negar Mohammadi is an avid surfer and swears by the spray to keep her hair nourished; she’s even added red algae to protect against the UV damage. Try Mohammadi’s hair elixir, inspired by her Persian’s grandmother’s homemade serum, for an extra dose of moisture. ($58, —Clara Molot


Gucci Salon

For Angelenos in need of a Gucci fix, help is here. The first Gucci Salon, dedicated to the house’s most exclusive, high-end collections, is opening on Melrose Avenue. Leather goods, handcrafted accessories, limited-edition ready-to-wear, and even décor items are all part of the fun, along with personalization and customization services that will ensure that whatever you’re wearing will not be replicated by anyone else at San Vicente Bungalows. But don’t plan to pop on by—visits to the salon are by appointment only, and its assortment is curated for each client. Expect more outposts of Gucci Salon to open throughout the year, in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo. ( —Ashley Baker

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April 15, 2023
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Issue No. 196
April 15, 2023