When Margherita Cardelli Cavaliere, a Roman communications executive, was introduced to Gerardo Cavaliere, a lawyer who also ran a Neapolitan tailoring atelier named Sartoria Giuliva, a partnership was born. And it was not strictly professional. In 2017, they were married in Abruzzo, and simultaneously they launched Giuliva Heritage, a fashion brand for both men and women that makes its collections entirely in Italy. With “Buy less, buy better, wear forever” as both motto and mantra, the Cavalieres have brought their particular interpretation of Italian heritage to stylish closets all over the world. Herewith, Margherita shares her key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

Airlines: Singapore Airlines and La Compagnie.
: Roma Fiumicino.
: “Sorry, my daughter kidnapped me because she wanted to play The Addams Family.” Gerardo and I look so like Morticia and Gomez, and our Aida Atena is literally Wednesday, so we can’t say no …
Bag: Secchiello bag, from Giuliva Heritage.
Bedtime: Eight p.m. Trust me, it works.
Breakfast, weekday: Full-fat Greek yogurt, only after raspberries and blueberries. With lots of espressos before, during, and after.
: A Range Rover, circa 2000s.
Cocktail appetizer: Prosciutto, thinly sliced.
: Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa. Shall I say more?
Date: On the road along the curves of the Amalfi Coast with an old Fiat 500. That was my very first date with my husband.

Diet: The one that works for you, but make it glucose-flat.
Dress: A Sartoria Giuliva made-to-measure suit Gerardo made me right after we met.
Escape: Full, deep immersion in any kind of nature. It must be full and deep.

Italian-style, large and fun.

Flaw: Stubbornness.
Friend: The one you know cares about you and supports you, always tells you the truth, no matter what.
Good-bye: A hug.
Hideaway: Campo Imperatore.
: La Posta Vecchia hotel in the off-season.
: Wine and cigarettes, the old-fashioned way.
MOVIES: Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, and The Royal Tenenbaums.
Name: Aida Atena, my daughter. I adore her name.
Nonfiction book: Glucose Revolution, by Jessie Inchauspé.
Novel: The Art of Joy, by Goliarda Sapienza.

Pet: Ottone, our Italian bracco.
Piece of advice: “Floss at least once a day, and walk softly while you practice kindness. Hardship spares no one. Then luck will be on your way.”
: Mario Draghi. Short but flawless.
: Rocco Ristorante in Rome. The perfect mix of food, service, and crowd.
: Karen buckle boots, by Giuliva Heritage.
Theme song to your life
: “Futura,” by Lucio Dalla, on repeat.
Time of day
: Dawn, to appreciate soundscapes.
: A road trip in Scotland.
: The Gran Sasso Mountains while I drive back home.
Wake-up time
: Five a.m. Trust me, it works.
Weekend bag
: The Mary Poppins bag, from Giuliva Heritage.
Work of art: The Rape of Proserpina, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Margherita’s Essentials

Clockwise from top left: Out of Africa; The Rape of Proserpina, by Gian Lorenzo Bernini; Ottone, the family dog; the Mary Poppins bag and Karen buckle boots, by Giuliva Heritage.