So, it’s August on the East End of Long Island, and with time on my hands between summer-tour runs, I make the 45-to-60-minute drive out through the winding back roads from North Haven to Montauk Shores. If I am transporting boards or gear, I drive my Honda Ridgeline truck. If the weather “suits my clothes,” as Fred Neil wrote in the lyrics to “Everybody’s Talkin’,” I take my ’58 Porsche convertible.

I’m in the habit of using the drive out to rehearse songs that will be part of our set lists for upcoming shows. I sing along to familiar and not-so-familiar lyrics. It’s usually the songs you are supposed to know that can trip you up on a stage facing 20,000 people who do know the words to the songs. I also throw on a News in Slow French podcast and a few songs in French to keep my right brain in the game.