The French government has taken down a conspiracy-infested Web site that was claiming Jews run France. “Gérald Darmanin, the interior minister, sent in prosecutors after a site called [They Are Everywhere] laid out the names and profiles of Jewish politicians, media owners, financiers and arts figures who supposedly connive to control the country,” reported The Times of London. “The site’s name is an allusion to Je Suis Partout [I Am Everywhere], an anti-semitic newspaper during the Nazi occupation of 1940-44.” The newspaper also reported that last week, in Brittany, “a monument … to Simone Veil, the feminist, former minister and Holocaust survivor, was daubed with swastikas.”

Plus ça change? France has historically been … troubled by anti-Semitism, but during the pandemic there’s been an ugly uptick, stemming in part from a crackpot theory that Jewish doctors are somehow behind the coronavirus.