On November 18, 2019, just five months after former Brant Lake Camp assistant director and veteran counselor Dylan Stolz began serving his four-and-a-half-year sentence for sexually abusing campers, the greater Brant Lake Camp community gathered in downtown Manhattan to mark a very different kind of milestone: the passing of 99-year-old former Brant Lake Camp director Robert Gersten, known to all as Bobby G.

As the Baruch Performing Arts Center auditorium filled with hundreds of well-dressed and mostly middle-aged alumni of the all-boys camp—former Brant Lakers include owners of N.B.A. franchises as well as the sons of Ralph Lauren and Jerry Seinfeld—old snapshots of the deceased were projected onto a screen. One featured a shirtless and muscular Bobby G. dribbling a basketball, presumably in his days as a star athlete at U.N.C. in the early 1940s, and looking like an Adonis, if Adonis were short, dark-haired, Jewish, and from the Bronx.