Just last week, Brant Lake Camp sent an e-mail explaining why the boys’ camp, unlike many of its equally expensive peer institutions, is hoping to open despite the risks of the coronavirus, citing, among other factors, its “highly-experienced key staff.” But it did not see fit to remind families that former longtime “key staff” member Dylan Stolz would be sitting out the pandemic not on the shores of Brant Lake but, rather, at Otisville Correctional Facilitythe result of an investigation and ensuing trial instigated by the letter a camper sent home that said, “Dylan touched my penis.”

Now, a middle-aged Brant Lake alum has come forward with allegations that he, too, was once molested by a beloved former “key staff” member—a Brant Lake nature counselor who worked with the youngest campers back in the 1970s and 1980s. For every parent who compartmentalized the Stolz affair as a one-time aberration—no easy feat to begin with given that Stolz worked at the camp for 33 summers—denial may have just become that much harder.