In July 2018, a 10-year-old boy who was enrolled at Brant Lake Camp, in the Adirondacks, testified before a grand jury that he had been molested by his counselor Dylan Stolz in the camp’s Sophs’ shower house in 2015 when he was 7, and then again the following summer: “In the shower house … they basically check that you wash, usually only your arms but [Stolz] would open the curtain without warning and he touched my leg and then went across my penis and onto my other leg.”

Another boy testified that back in 2017, when he was eight, Stolz “would take off my robe and then he would like touch my butt he would put his hands on it.” Meanwhile, another 10-year-old testified that, less than one month earlier, “when I put soap on my legs I step out of the shower and showed [Stolz], he saw it, he rubbed me … and touched my private part.” A nine-year-old testified that he, too, had been molested by Stolz just weeks earlier, “when I was going into the shower after I handed [Stolz] my robe because some people can’t reach the hooks.”