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Dana Brown

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Power-Lunch Like It’s 1989!

Michael’s is a restaurant frozen in time. A better time, for its aging, loyal (and forgiving) regulars

Waiting for Jolie

With her new downtown boutique, Angelina Jolie may have created the most sustainable clothing store ever—by making it virtually impossible to shop there

Inside Casa Cruz

Only the d├ęcor is loud at New York’s latest overpriced and occasionally underpopulated members’ club

How Hip-Hop Was Made

After photographing London’s nascent punk scene, Janette Beckman moved to New York to chronicle hip-hop’s early days and founding artists—A Tribe Called Quest, Run-DMC, and LL Cool J among them

Divine Intervention

Noma’s all-too-brief appearance in New York gave at least one diner a religious experience—and a new appreciation of ants

L.A. Confidential

From briefing Si Newhouse to smoking with Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, a former Vanity Fair editor looks back at the Oscar parties of yore

The Making of Caitlyn

A former Vanity Fair editor tells how one of the biggest magazine stories ever—on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn—came to be

Donald Trump, Party Crasher

Dana Brown was plucked from his bartending post to work at Vanity Fair in its golden era. One of his jobs was manning the door at dinner parties—and keeping the uninvited out