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Charles Bremner

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Ooh La La!

Inside the bedroom of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron …

The Sex Queen of Paris

Madame Claude schooled high-priced prostitutes for clients such as J.F.K. and Onassis. Now she gets the Netflix treatment

The Lying Game

The former French ambassador to the U.K. calls Boris Johnson a reckless leader with no concern for the truth. Sound familiar?

Quel Deal!

After a thousand years in the same family, the Château de Verteuil finally hits the market for $3.2 million

Planes Have Changed While You Were Away

In the Flying-V, passengers will sit in the wings. It’s also better for the environment

The Official Wheels of Squaresville?

The new Citroën Ami looks like a Playmobil, but it could be the future of driving