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“He doesn’t have a single redeeming quality. He’s just disgusting and awful and repulsive, and he has no consideration for other people’s feelings.”
“Vacation’s over.”
“And it looks like the Bitcoin toss has left everyone confused.”
“Aw, Rex is chasing cats in his dreams again.”
“There’s no good time to break up, but I wanted to wait until after Shark Week.”
“Before you begin, let’s come up with a safe word I can say if I need you to stop.”
“‘Help! Help!’ he frantically cried in vain.”
“I do appreciate that it eats other bugs, but it also ate my husband.”
“Well, sweetie, it was a complicated time—yes, we lost women’s reproductive rights, but we were busy fighting for work e-mails to include pronouns.”
“Oh, you’ll talk. By the time we’re through, you’ll be begging to tell me how much wood you chucked.”
“All right, but use a coaster.”
“There’s always a prima donna.”
“Go left. I forgot to get a lid for my coffee.”
“I’ll kiss him after the flies are under control.”
“The aerodynamics suck, but it’s better for my back.”
“Everyone who cares about you is here, Frank, because we all feel it’s time you quit wearing your baseball cap backwards.”