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Bruce Handy

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Reality Bites

Fish Tales

An exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum, in Massachusetts, highlights more than 40 delightfully illustrated editions of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

Hitting the Books

Three children’s-literature connoisseurs share a selection of their favorite picture books, past and present, for kids of every type

Ye Old Forty Foot

In a small promontory jutting into Dublin Bay sits a freezing-cold, utterly irresistible watering hole where locals swim and socialize

The View from Here

Where the 1960s had love and the 1980s greed, the 2020s are quickly being defined by anger. Forget the Roaring 20s—welcome to the Raging 20s!

Bruce McCall

With his deadpan surrealism, superior wit, and perfect timing, the satirical artist and writer left an indelible mark on everything he touched, from National Lampoon to The New Yorker and Vanity Fair

The Yin and Yang of 1960s Britain

Wild Things Are Happening: The Art of Maurice Sendak

Newman’s Own

Seriously Stevie

Star Quality

Into the Wild

A charming new coffee-table book and upcoming exhibition celebrate the stories and illustrations of Maurice Sendak, of Where the Wild Things Are

Getting the Picture

Piatti for Children

The Swiss designer Celestino Piatti’s children’s books are combined into a single volume for the first time

Citizen Cimino

Tour de Force

Charles Dickens highlighted Americans’ most unappealing habits (bad table manners) and practices (slavery). So why haven’t Republicans gone after him?

Into the Wild

Disney’s World

Linguine, with a Side of Sinatra

At Patsy’s, a motley crew of Frank Sinatra singers meets once a year for chicken parm and shoptalk

McQueen for a Day

Big Picture

When Ol’ Blue Eyes Got Old

Big Bird Goes Blue

Still Funny