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Andrew Zucker

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Balancing the Court

Bryant Johnson, the go-to personal trainer for most of the Supreme Court’s liberal wing, looks back at his run at the nation’s most exclusive gym

Break Camp

For decades, DJ Jeff Yahney was the king of sleepaway summer camps. Then cost-cutting Wall Street types realized his venues could be investments

Going Overboard

Enlightened billionaires like Bernard Arnault, Giorgio Armani, and Barry Diller name their own boats. A Viennese consultant helps those less inspired name their new yachts

Splitting Hairs

Inside the messy legal battle that’s temporarily shuttered Paul MolĂ©, the Upper East Side barbershop where everyone from Henry Fonda to John F. Kennedy Jr. went for haircuts

The Canceled-Man Discount

For some buyers, a public figure’s shaming presents a great opportunity: a real-estate bargain