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Jeffrey Toobin

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Dark and Stormy

The porn star whose testimony could help convict Donald Trump before the election has a new career as a gay icon and no intention of paying the $670,000 that she owes the former president

Big Law Gets Bigger

Paul, Weiss once embraced a variety of civic-minded causes. Today, the law firm seems more focused on its own bottom line

Original Spin

How R.F.K. Jr. tried to frame two innocent men for murder

Legal Weasel

Nerdy Harvard lawyer Ken Chesebro (Co-Conspirator 5) was a liberal until he got rich on Bitcoin and veered right, so much so that he advised Trump to use false electors to derail the 2020 election

Changing Places

Linda Fairstein put Yusef Salaam in prison for the attack on the Central Park jogger. He was exonerated and is running for office; she is excoriated and living as a pariah

Birth of an Abomination

Although Timothy McVeigh will forever be linked to Oklahoma City, his virulent outlook was forged in the desolate Flint Hills of Kansas