Every summer has its anthem, but this year it wasn’t a Beyoncé or Taylor Swift song that broke through; instead, it was a country ballad by a 31-year-old unknown that has already racked up 50 million views. Diana B. Henriques shares her thoughts on “Rich Men North of Richmond.” Then, on the subject of rich men, Joseph Bullmore comes to us from London with the story of an oligarch’s revenge. Specifically, what happens to an English socialite when her love affair with Putin’s banker goes sour. And finally, your summer travel may be winding down, but Alexander Lobrano has an idea for an exciting new hotel restaurant to escape to this fall. It is a meal worth flying for, so don’t put your suitcase in storage just yet. All this and more make this a show you won’t want to miss. Listen by clicking Play below. And be sure to subscribe at Apple Podcasts or Spotify so you don’t miss an episode.

Episode 155: A Love Gone Very Bad: Putin’s Banker and the English Socialite

Plus: Diana B. Henriques on “Rich Men North of Richmond”; Alexander Lobrano on Istanbul’s newest hotel and restaurant; and more