This week, as we prepare for King Charles’s coronation and Camilla prepares to succeed in becoming the first divorcée to be crowned Queen, Lois Rogers has the inside story on the machinations of the previous divorcée who aspired to that title, Wallis Simpson. Then, speaking of women and machinations, Rich Cohen shares the crazy, true story of how United Airlines once had men-only flights, complete with free cigars and flight attendants who had to be unmarried. And finally, theater critic John Lahr remembers his good friend Barry Humphries, the extraordinary comic talent behind Dame Edna Everage. All this and more make this a show you won’t want to miss. Listen by clicking Play below. And be sure to subscribe at Apple Podcasts or Spotify so you don’t miss an episode.

Episode 137: Why Did United Airlines Launch Men-Only Flights?

Plus: John Lahr remembers Dame Edna; Lois Rogers on the divorcées who would be Queen, Wallis Simpson versus Camilla; and more