On the third episode of Table for Two, host Bruce Bozzi breaks his own rules and sets up shop at a three-top. The occasion? Drinks with George Clooney and Julia Roberts, who’ve lately spent a lot of time together—too much, the sarcastic duo might argue—doing press for their recent film, Ticket to Paradise. Installed in a suite at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, George and Julia talk intimately about things that matter, such as George’s mullet and not wearing pants to an interview. In between ribbing each other, George and Julia also demonstrate that they didn’t get this far simply by messing around. They tell Bruce about their acting influences, Julia’s baggage-claim run-in with Audrey Hepburn, George’s friendships with Paul Newman and Gregory Peck, and their long history of working together. Hear a preview of the episode below, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode Three: George Clooney and Julia Roberts

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