As an actress, Emily Mortimer has played many memorable roles—a struggling actress, in Lovely & Amazing, and a hard-charging journalist, in The Newsroom. Now she has brought her writing and directing talents to Amazon Prime Video with the three-part BBC series The Pursuit of Love, an adaptation of the Nancy Mitford novel. Herewith, she shares her key components to the good life. —Ashley Baker

Airline: Any that requires vaccinations and never crashes!
Airport: Heathrow.
App: If there was a “how to lose weight while eating delicious food all the time” app, that would be my idea of the perfect one.
Appliance: Egg cup. Is that an appliance? All I know is there aren’t enough of them in America.
Attitude: “Sassy and generous.” That’s my 11-year-old daughter’s advice on how to be in this world.
Bedtime: Eleven p.m., but I always fail to stay awake that long. My actual bedtime is more like 8:30 p.m., and it’s not in bed; it’s on the sofa. I can’t stay awake past the opening credits of literally anything.
Bike: A rickshaw, or a bike that someone else is pedaling.
Birthday: October 6.
Breakfast, weekday: Boiled egg and toast soldiers.
Breakfast, weekend: Fried eggs and bacon.
Car: I had a 60s Saab in original Saab green when I was at college. My mum sold it when I went to Moscow for my study year abroad, because I’d left it illegally parked on a double yellow line. I would love to retrieve my lost car.
Cocktail: Negroni.
Cocktail appetizer: Lay’s potato chips.