When Tom Ford introduced a new fragrance at his spring/summer 2018 runway show, it was an immediate sensation. The scent, contained in a matte-black flacon resembling a chess piece, had an addictive appeal, thanks to a hodgepodge of exotic inspirations such as leather, tonka bean, and sage.

But it was the fragrance’s name that set the Internet’s heart aflutter.

“We were sitting in a meeting smelling the fragrance and Tom said, ‘This is fucking fabulous,’” recalled John Demsey, executive group president of the Estée Lauder Companies, which owns Tom Ford Beauty, to the Coveteur Web site. “I said, ‘Yeah, it is fucking fabulous.’ He said, ‘Well, why not [call it] “Fucking Fabulous”?’”

And how can you argue with Tom Ford? The fragrance went on to become a best-seller that is especially popular with the Hamptons crowd, and so, to celebrate, AIR MAIL and Tom Ford Beauty hosted a dinner party at the Reform Club in Amagansett.

Guests (fully vaccinated!) including Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman, Nina Agdal and Jack Brinkley-Cook, Jessica Wang, and Casey Fremont arrived to discover the Air Mail Apé was serving Dom Pérignon champagne and Petrossian caviar. There was imbibing, indulging, and plenty of spritzing before the crowd sat down to a dinner of surf and turf (mini-sliders and lobster), burrata with arugula, and doughnuts dipped in dark chocolate. In short, a feast for the senses—and everyone left feeling, and smelling, f*cking fabulous.

Ashley Baker is the Style Editor for Air Mail and a co-host of the Morning Meeting podcast