Among the many joys summer camp offers kids is shared memories. But unfortunately at Brant Lake Camp, which is located in the Southern Adirondack Mountains and caters to wealthy Jewish New Yorkers—Jerry Seinfeld’s sons have attended, as have Ralph Lauren’s—some of these shared memories have involved sexual abuse by Dylan Stolz, a former Long Island public-school teacher who worked at the camp for 33 summers, including as an assistant director, and is currently serving a four-and-a-half-year sentence in Otisville Correctional Facility, in Mount Hope, New York.

But what’s all the more shocking, and sad, is that even after Air Mail’s May 2020 investigation into sexual abuse at Brant Lake revealed that executive director Richie Gersten had been warned, via e-mail in April 2018, that Stolz might be molesting boys—and that “a few” counselors had brought concerns about his behavior to another longtime Brant Lake counselor, Emmanuel “Mani” Cadet, who allegedly dismissed them, saying, “Dylan does that, don’t worry. It’s not your concern”—Cadet has been rehired and is currently working at the camp.