Rocco Morabito, seen here in 2017, escaped prison two years ago.

Rocco Morabito, Italy’s second-most-wanted fugitive, dropped off that list and saw his vacation cut short last week when he was arrested at his hotel in this Brazilian beach resort. The “King of Cocaine,” a member of the ’Ndrangheta Mafia, had been wanted by Italian authorities for drug trafficking for three decades, not including a period when he was—whoops!—briefly in custody. Back in 2017, the mobster, who clearly has an affinity for the seashore, was arrested in Punta del Este, Uruguay—where he had been living under a fake identity—“while carrying 13 mobile phones, after he had made the mistake of registering his daughter at a school under her real name,” according to The Times of London. While awaiting extradition, Morabito escaped through a hole in the prison roof.

In João Pessoa, until just the other day, the 54-year-old “enjoyed daily strolls on the sand and sunbathing and is said to have tipped staff handsomely,” according to the newspaper. “He often ordered room service at his hotel and was known by staff as a polite, easy-going guest who never wore gold but handed out generous tips.”