It’s easy: there are thousands to choose from. You can make entire playlists based only on “Johnny” or “Mary” songs. Among the missing, from this one, are the obvious (“Alison,” “Angie,” “Layla,” “Lola,” “Lucille,” “Michelle,” et al.) but also fine, lesser-known name-checks, ranging from “Alex Chilton” (the Replacements) and “Ana Ng” (They Might Be Giants) to “Yolanda Hayes” (Fountains of Wayne) and “Zephyr and I” (Suzanne Vega). All tempting, as was “The Name Game,” particularly Divine’s version. But what’s here—and, appropriately, presented alphabetically—should do the owners of these names proud. Roll call!

George Kalogerakis is a Writer at Large for AIR MAIL