What you really want to do, if you’ve spent two years disputing the closeness of your links to the late sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein over the course of a 20-year friendship, is form a new company with a banker who’s been accused of touching a female colleague inappropriately. That’s if you’re Prince Andrew, anyway: you consider the situation, mull a bit, and say, in effect, Sounds good to me! (Or, if you’re feeling particularly self-satisfied, Sounds good to us!)

While at Coutts, the private bank, the prince’s new partner, Harry Keogh, “was accused of touching a woman’s groin while demonstrating the site of an injury. His behaviour was said to be so toxic that some female staff refused to work with him,” said The Times of London. In 2015 Coutts was investigated “and the chief executive recommended [Keogh] leave, according to The Wall Street Journal. It was decided that he should stay, but he was disciplined and eventually resigned in March 2018.” A friend of Keogh’s told The Wall Street Journal that the financier denied the allegations. Meanwhile, the Duke of York, once again drawing on his uncanny ability to anticipate how things are likely to play with the general public, will join Keogh in a venture called Lincelles, said by The Times to be “a vehicle for Andrew’s family investments.”