A new idol: Zhang Jing.

Whatever the recent Sino-American talks in Alaska meant in geopolitical terms, one clear winner was Zhang Jing, who was praised for her “fluent, unflustered and graceful translation” (The Vietnam Times) of Chinese-delegation speeches into English. “Chinese media reports referred to her as ‘China’s Principal Interpreter’ and ‘China’s Most Beautiful Interpreter,’” noted the South China Morning Post. According to China’s state-run Global Times, “a photo with the hashtag ‘she is the on-site translator at high-level China-US talks’ has gone viral on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo with views surpassing 400 million.”

Weibo also supplies the you-are-there intensity of the moment: “Zhang then goes ahead and calmly translates Yang’s entire 15-minute speech directed at American secretary Blinken and national security advisor Sullivan. To give a speedy translation of such a lengthy off-the-record speech is seen as a sign of Zhang’s utmost professionalism as an interpreter, which many on Weibo praise. ‘She’s my idol,’ multiple people write.”