Out of this world: the super-yacht Solaris nearing completion in Germany.

Well, the first photos of Roman Abramovich’s new yacht have surfaced. (Where were you when you heard?) Solaris is still under construction at a German shipyard, in a shed large enough to contain Buckingham Palace (or Solaris—not both), but it’s slightly disappointing to learn that, at just 460 feet, the vessel is smaller than the Russian businessman/Chelsea F.C. owner’s other super-yacht, the 533-foot Eclipse. Still, at least the $460 million price tag will give Abramovich, whose net worth exceeds $14 billion, a few amenities: eight decks, 48 cabins, and a helipad, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, and sauna. Although the Solaris is nearing completion, don’t expect your invitation before summer.

This tiny community (population 350) in Normandy, chosen as a site for one of Elon Musk’s Starlink stations, has blocked the installation of antennae for the satellite Internet system, reports the Local France. “We’re not technophobes,” said a woman who lives close to the proposed station. “But these antennas are completely new, at least in France, and we want to know if they’re dangerous or not.” Besides, added the village’s deputy mayor, “when you hear that he wants to implant a chip in people’s brains”—she was alluding to Neuralink, another Musk project—“it’s frightening.” So, at least for now, Saint-Senier-de-Beuvron has said Pas si vite to Musk. (If Neuralink were a bit further along, they could have just thoughtit to him.)