No, I’m actually eighth in line … Andrew with Koo Stark.

Koo Stark, the actress turned photographer who dated Prince Andrew in the early 80s, has lost her legal battle with a subsequent former lover, the American financier Warren “Robbie” Walker, over the $70,000-a-year she said he’d promised her for “household expenses.” When the couple split in the late 90s, they had a daughter, and, The Times of London reported, “[Stark] claimed that he had made the promise in return for her giving up plans to write what he regarded as a ‘distasteful’ newspaper column entitled Diary of a Single Mother,” and that “Lady Justice Asplin dismissed the claim … [as] ‘totally without merit.’” Walker’s lawyers cast Stark as “a gold digger,” and the judge’s opinion was that she had been living “beyond her means for years”—a state of affairs not likely to improve given that she’s now responsible for her ex’s legal fees as well, the total bill estimated at north of a half-million dollars.

Venice’s seemingly intractable problem—malignant tourism—could be solved by simply creating another “Venice” right next door, says the Swiss economist Bruno Frey in a new book. “It could even be better than the original, specially designed for tourists,” he told Der Spiegel. “I think the hunt for selfies in canonical places is legitimate. If people enjoy it, let them do it. But in Venice it’s almost impossible to take a halfway decent selfie in the crowds.… We should prepare our favourite places for this globalised demand.” Nothing like Vegas or Disney World, notes The Times of London. Rather, Frey “proposes … ‘new originals’ filled with new technologies and holograms, which would make the copies the first choice of many people wanting to visit.”