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July 25 2020
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ArcelorMittal C.E.O. Lakshmi Mittal and his wife, Usha Mittal, at a wedding in Mumbai, India.

The world’s most extravagant wedding was a quiet affair. The NDAs made sure of that. Still, with a ceremony spanning three days, 500 guests, and half of Barcelona, certain details were bound to trickle out sooner or later. Like the six-tiered wedding cake weighing in at 132 pounds. Or the squadron of photographers deployed in a helicopter to document the fun. Or the 200 expert butlers, cooks, and waiters flown in from Thailand and India to serve the guests. Or the horseback entrances, the musical fountains, the two-Michelin-starred chef, the exclusive hotels, the Dom Pérignon champagne, the commandeered national museums, the guests’ $25,000 shopping sprees …

And, of course, the bill. At some $60 million, it meant that Pramod Mittal, scion of the Mittal steel dynasty, had bestowed upon his daughter Shristi one of the most expensive nuptials in history. (The only recent thing that had come close, in fact, was the wedding of Pramod’s niece, Vanisha, daughter of his brother, Lakshmi Mittal, in 2004—a weeklong bash begun at the Palace of Versailles, with fireworks launched from the Eiffel Tower and a private performance by Kylie Minogue. It is estimated to have cost a trifling $50 million—but we’ll get to sibling rivalries later.)

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