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Thanks to the coronavirus, Amazon may finally complete its transition from “Earth’s biggest bookstore” to “the world’s marketplace.” But independent booksellers, who have been fighting the digital retailer since it first emerged, have found a new way to push back. Bookshop provides a platform for ordering books online while supporting local storefronts. Customers can virtually pick straight from the shelves of the affiliated shop of their choosing, with 30 percent of a book’s cover price going directly to that store, or they can purchase books from the site, which then divides a percentage of these profits among the participating vendors. Bookshop is a disruptor to the Goliath of all disruptors, and while the experience may not have the same charm as browsing cramped shelves in deliciously cramped spaces, it’s the next best thing. ( —Gasper Tringale

The Jerk Directed by Carl ReinerShown: Steve Martin (as Navin R. Johnson)

Steve Martin Marathon

Now that I’m restricted to my home, both my boredom and screen time are edging upward. Instead of getting stuck with Netflix malaise, endlessly scrolling and finding nothing, my boyfriend and I embarked on a self-guided marathon of Steve Martin movies. We’re still in only the single digits—he’s made more than 50 films in a career that spans a half-century—and we’ve had to seek out different films on various streaming services. But so far we’ve torn through Housesitter, which is pitch-perfect (ignore Rotten Tomatoes) and co-stars Goldie Hawn; The Man with Two Brains, in which he plays a neurosurgeon called Dr. Hfuhruhurr; the equally preposterous The Jerk; and the weird, wonderful, and whimsical L.A. Story.Bridget Arsenault


Matouk Linens

Given the amount of time we’re spending in bed these days, high-quality linens are particularly important. If an upgrade is in order—and it very likely is—then consider the new Pomegranate collection from Matouk. The lush design, which comes in three colorways, is based on an 18th-century print from the Schumacher archives, and the 500-thread-count percale ensures that the sheets feel as good as they look. The scalloped edge of the pillowcases, finished in crisp white tape, is an especially charming touch. In one fell swoop, you’ve changed the entire look of your bedroom, without ordering a single stick of furniture. ($144 to $599, —Ashley Baker



Rumor has it that Bob Dylan, who just released the singles “Murder Most Foul” and “I Contain Multitudes,” has more to come, making it the perfect time to acquaint yourself with Genius, a Web site (and app) that invites users to read annotations and interpretations of lyrics, and to provide their own. Consider it the Wikipedia of music—a source for the references embedded inside tracks—used by everyone from Rick Rubin to Eminem to Lin-Manuel Miranda. Check it out once, and it’ll be hard to listen to music without it—after all, every song contains multitudes. ( —Julia Vitale

Issue No. 42
May 2, 2020
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Issue No. 42
May 2, 2020