No halo here: József Szájer, before he fled naked.

And not just in Brussels—in the altogether too. József Szájer, 59, member of the European Parliament, senior official of Hungary’s homophobically inclined ruling party, Fidesz, and himself an anti-gay crusader, was arrested after having climbed naked out a window and down a drainpipe to escape a raid at an all-male orgy in the Belgian capital. Szájer’s hands were bleeding, and a tab of Ecstasy was found in his backpack. Awkward on so many levels. The straps on that backpack couldn’t have been very comfortable, for one thing. And it goes downhill from there.

“Hungary’s media, predominantly under government control, reported that Szájer had resigned as an MEP after being caught violating Covid restrictions, but avoided mentioning the ecstasy pill, let alone the 25 naked men — including two other MEPs — who were caught in the flat in the heart of the gay district of Brussels; or how the organiser, David Manzheley, had told the Belgian press that Szájer, who is married to a Budapest judge, had hosted similar parties at his own home,” reported The Times of London.