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The Embroidery

Cressida Jamieson

Some might say that the gift-giving season has only just begun, but in the Air Mail-verse, it’s a year-round affair. Which explains our reliance on Cressida Jamieson, a bespoke embroiderer based in London. She specializes in both words and images, endowing everything—from linen napkins and piped pajamas to baby blankets and T-shirts—with names, along with charming little bluebirds, worms, chickens, various flowers, and even the occasional slice of pizza. Next up: we’ll ask her to work her magic on the lapel of our Blaze Milano jackets. But first, there are holiday presents worthy of her attention. (Prices available upon request,

The Jumpsuit

Rivet Utility

Until rather recently, the jumpsuit was an unappealing proposition, at least to the over-three set. But Rivet Utility, a newly launched purveyor of good-looking jumpsuits—and only jumpsuits—begs us to reconsider. Founder Daun Dees is a mother of five, and in an attempt to make dressing stylishly both faster and easier, she worked with a production house in downtown Los Angeles to perfect this oft-tricky silhouette. Made of Japanese cotton twill, enhanced with just a bit of stretch, this Bigwig style has officially replaced the denim-and-knit ensembles that we’ve been wearing nonstop since March. Those who live with us are grateful. ($395,

The Shoes


In 1952, Georges Carel opened up his first shoe shop, on the Boulevard Saint-Michel, and his eponymous brand has been outfitting stylish Parisians in sensible footwear ever since. Carel’s is a no-nonsense approach: heels are blocky and not too high; toes are shaped but roomy enough to walk around in all day. Now young fashion types are wearing them around town, but don’t let these trendy darlings deter you—the charms of Carel are multi-fold and immutable. While we admire the three-strap Kina, it’s the two-strap Alice, just launched for fall ’20, that we can’t resist. Handmade in Italy, it comes in black, white, taupe, and green leather, but come on—live a little!—and try this two-tone style on for size. ($399,

The Sweater

Warm & Wonderful and Rowing Blazers

In normal times, we try to avoid fashion gimmicks. But given that the only thing we’re living for these days is The Crown, you’ll forgive us for being unable to resist this sheep sweater, worn regularly in the 80s by Princess Diana. It was originally made by a brand named Warm & Wonderful; now, Rowing Blazers has reissued it, but you’ll have to place a pre-order now in hopes of receiving yours by January or February. (Each made-to-order sweater takes approximately six hours to knit, after all.) With only one black sheep in the flock, it may constitute the cheekiest thing that Diana ever wore. It’s well worth carrying on the tradition. ($295,

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Issue No. 72
November 28, 2020
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Issue No. 72
November 28, 2020