A survey conducted by the U.K. consumer watchdog Which? found that Teslas and Land Rovers were considered the least reliable automobiles. The Land Rover took top—well, bottom—honors, with onboard-computer software issues the main gripe among the more than 47,000 car owners polled. Elon Musk’s electric Tesla was deemed second-least-dependable: one in four owners sounded seriously tempted to simply unplug, citing “disastrously high fault rates and lengthy garage stays,” for starters. Most reliable brand? Lexus. And most reliable new car? The Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible.

Another survey, conducted by Perspectus Global, has identified some 20 words that are at risk of extinction because they tend to draw a blank among young Brits. Among them: “tosh,” “bonk,” “yonks,” “sozzled,” “cad,” “wally,” “betrothed,” “bounder,” and “balderdash.” Heartbreaking. (Even “disco” was unfamiliar to nearly one in five under-30s.) One word that is notably trending in the other direction among millennials: “nincompoop,” which is 373 percent more popular than it was 30 years ago. Well, let’s wait and see. A decade or two from now, how will “millennial” fare?