Yesterday we woke to rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had apparently agreed to let cameras follow them around for three months to give “people a glimpse into their lives and see all the charity work they do”. Headlines naturally said, Harry and Meghan: The Reality Show. And while the term “reality show” has since been denied, no one seems to have quite squashed the idea of a documentary of some sort as part of their $145 million Netflix deal. Which leaves the tantalizing prospect of at least a glimpse inside Casa Sussex. Dull? Possibly, although a leaked script of the first episode suggests otherwise.

Interior. Montecito Mansion – Day

We see an empty room in a beautiful large California house. The doors open as if by magic and in steps MEGHAN MARKLE, gleaming and glowing and accompanied by a child harpist sitting on a silver dessert trolley. Meghan’s hair is blowing sensually, even though there is no apparent breeze.

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