00:03 Impressionable young contestant’s radicalization results in a frenzy of overwhisking.

00:10 Contestant hollows out her Victoria sponge to create a stash for hand sanitizer, burner phone.

00:20 Paul Hollywood says no one expects a heated discussion of Frantz Fanon and critical theory from a 65-year-old gran in a cardigan.

00:31 Prue Leith says that the sharp edges of her wacky eyewear have an injury radius of 25 meters.

00:38 Contestant arranges her Spicy Gruyère Cheese Straws into the logo of Extinction Rebellion.

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Treats at a New York City Antifa bake sale.

00:51 Contestants glue hands to Tottenham Court Road with Mary Berry’s Sticky Toffee Pudding.

00:58 Contestant disappointed to learn that a balaclava is neither Greek nor drenched in honey.

00:61 Prue says that the plastic baby inside a king cake is baked goods’ answer to encrypted messaging.

00:69 Contestant creates insurrectionary flag by attaching a ficelle to one of Prue’s color-blocked sweaters.

00:73 Contestant coats own face with flour in effort to elude surveillance.

00:84 Contestants board midnight flight to U.S.: time to radicalize Antiques Roadshow.

Henry Alford is a New York City–based writer and the author of And Then We Danced