“I feel relaxed,” said Elise Loehnen, the chief content officer of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s fast-expanding wellness-and-lifestyle brand. “And a little bit sad.” Loehnen, whose twinkly affect does not actually appear dimmed, had just emerged from the inner sanctum of Carmen Margaziotis, a body worker based in the Pacific Palisades whose services she was testing for Goop’s editorial consideration. Margaziotis should very likely make the cut. In 90 minutes, through a combination of acupuncture, Reiki, homeopathy, crystals, tuning forks, and muscle testing, Loehnen said Margaziotis was able to “get straight into some emotional stuff quickly. She got me over my tendency to stay in my mind, and I could feel the energy in my body moving.”

Still smiling a bit into the middle distance, Loehnen said she needed a few minutes before getting behind the wheel to return to the office, a 48,000-square-foot Santa Monica behemoth with walls painted a soft peach. It includes two test kitchens and a laboratory where a science department analyzes products as well as copy before it goes live, to make sure no one is using irresponsible language in their recommendations—Goop wants to avoid another “jade egg–gate,” as when the company was sued in 2018 for touting the unproven health benefits of an egg-shaped piece of jade that one could insert into one’s vagina. There is also a yoga room.