Some vacationers yearn to be moving. Hiking, surfing, parasailing, cavorting. For those who prefer a more contemplative experience, consider Villa Lago di Como. Housed in a former medieval watchtower, the Liberty-style villa dates back to 1909, and today it has been painstakingly renovated to ensure that, no matter where on the 4.5-acre property you happen to be, you are awestruck by the view of the lake. Why not while away those precious vacation days reading by the infinity pool or enjoying an apéro (or four) on one of the two roof terraces?

And make sure to bring a few friends. There’s certainly room—Villa Lago di Como features nine bedrooms, along with a drawing room, dining room, “yoga/wellness” room (2019 alert!), and media room, in addition to the usual fare. The interiors are modern and serene, promising that no offensive tchotchke will distract you from your primary activity—admiring the surroundings.