… British royalty. There were revelations that Prince Harry, fresh from his inspiring lecture on climate change, flew on private jets with his wife, Meghan Markle, and son, Archie. (The couple were accused of hypocrisy; Elton John defended them; Buckingham Palace declined comment.) Video footage emerged of Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s town house. (Buckingham Palace declined comment, then issued a statement saying that Andrew was “appalled” by Epstein’s behavior.) F.B.I. files revealed that Lord Mountbatten was as extramaritally energetic as Lady Mountbatten was already known to have been, and also bisexual, with an eye for very young men. (Buckingham Palace, presumably, declined comment.) In short, it seemed like a good time for a monarch vacationing in the Scottish Highlands to, well, stay there. Regarding which, one must acknowledge reports that the Sussexes and the Cambridges would—significantly—not be camping out in the same house during their visits to Balmoral. (Even more significantly, perhaps, the Cambridges traveled to Scotland on a budget flight.)

Elsewhere, the Hong Kong protests increased in intensity, Italy’s prime minister resigned, an amusement-park ride in Löffingen, Germany, will be modified because it looks more like an oversize spinning swastika than an amusement-park ride in Germany really should, and in suburban Paris a man shot and killed a waiter because he thought it was taking too long for his sandwich to be served. In Great Britain, leaked documents revealed fears by government officials that a no-deal Brexit, which is a strong possibility, would result in shortages of food, medicine, and fuel—for starters. And in Idaho, angry drivers have started following buses of migrant workers’ children down roads and harassing them. Most of the children, whose families are in the United States legally, are younger than five years old.