“Last August, a film was slipped to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay … ” So began the legend of Danny McBride, as set forth in the trailer of the 2006 movie The Foot Fist Way. Made for $80,000 and directed by his friend Jody Hill—the Harold Ramis to McBride’s Bill Murray—the film led to a series for HBO, Eastbound & Down, which in turn begat Vice Principals. Their third HBO series, The Righteous Gemstones, which premieres on August 18, stars John Goodman as Eli Gemstone, the imperious patriarch of a family mega-church, McBride as his hard-partying son, Jesse, and Adam Devine as his younger son, Kelvin. We asked Hill about Gemstones, how he and McBride first met, and whether time has mellowed their famously twisted sense of humor. (Spoiler alert: It hasn’t.)

Danny has referred to this new show as part three of your “misunderstood-angry-man trilogy.” How did you create this show? Did the premise come first, or the character?