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Arriving at
6:00 AM

July 27 2019
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This Bag

You’re a law-abiding citizen. (We think.) You appreciate the fact that plastic bags are now verboten in multiple forward-thinking municipalities from Manhattan to Los Angeles. When it comes to the reusable ones, there are myriad options but only one inspired choice: the sturdy Baggu. Made of 40 percent recycled nylon and game to hold 50 pounds of groceries, electronics, whatever, it folds nicely into a flat pouch. Importantly, each one costs a mere $12. And then there’s the bonus: fun prints. (We’re partial to Market Red, but Seaweed and Lox Plate will do nicely as well.) (


Motorcycle Gear

British Motorcycle Goods specializes in jackets, boots, gloves, and other gear that can withstand wind, rain, and the occasional free-flying pebble. They also make a damn stylish helmet. With its leather lining and low-profile design, their Davida Speedster helmet not only has the perfect early-70s vibe; it’s also street-legal. ($299,


Jimmy Choo Sandals

Rope sandals seem appealing in theory, but they’re not exactly destined for life in the T.S.A. line. (If you’re flying private, well, have at it.) Thoughtfully, Jimmy Choo has introduced a seriously upgraded version of this island staple. The Aziza sandals feature a reality-friendly leather sole, and its ropes are sufficiently soft, meaning that you won’t be layering on the Band-Aids. ($695,


Titan E-Bike

Built with aircraft-grade steel and modeled after vintage motorbikes from the early 20th century, the Titan e-bike is the perfect solution for those of us who might want to find other ways to ride a bike to work but don’t want to show up with a pitted-out shirt or jacket. Available in two models, the C and the R, it’s powered by either a 500-watt or 1,000-watt motor that tops out at a civilized 28 m.p.h. Range between charges: 40 miles. ($2,899,


Prada dress

A well-stocked closet includes a perfectly good basic shirtdress—several, ideally—but this lovely number from Prada is in a class entirely its own. Made of cotton poplin with overlays of pastel tulle, it’s as light as sorbet, and an ideal companion to a late-July amble through the streets of Porto Ercole, Phuket, and even Philadelphia. ($1,700,

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