Boris Johnson, undeniably. Then again, it was probably his last good week for quite some time. But mainly it was an excellent week for feeling embattled—just ask Giuseppe Conte, Carrie Lam, Ricardo A. Rosselló, or the chronically aggrieved Donald J. Trump.

Conte, the prime minister of Italy, struggled to keep his coalition together. Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, presided over a seventh, particularly violent week of anti-government protests in that city. And in Puerto Rico hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand that Rosselló, the unpopular governor (misogynistic chat messages, homophobic chat messages, put-downs of hurricane victims, Cabinet corruption—that sort of thing), step down, which he finally announced he would do. (As for the newly installed British P.M. Johnson, as we go to virtual press he’s not yet officially embattled, but who knows what the weekend will bring?)