I used to love Halloween—first when I was a kid, then in the required quasi-ironic way one does as a young adult, and again when my son was little. I might yet love it if it were still celebrated only on the 31st, instead of for the entire month of October. But never mind.

Here’s a playlist of the season, then, for which I’ve tried to avoid the obvious selections—sorry, Ray Parker Jr.; my apologies, Warren Zevon; take five, Bobby “Boris” Pickett—and the familiar versions in favor of (mostly) songs that are more subtly, or anyway obliquely, about disguises, images, masks, and perceptions. And maybe a little mystery and menace. One concession to tradition: there are, naturally, 13 tracks. Mbaaa-ha-ha!

George Kalogerakis is a Deputy Editor for AIR MAIL