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Olivia Cooke

For the actress, who at 26 has already starred in Ready Player One, Modern Love, and Vanity Fair, the pandemic offered a much-needed re-start

All About Eve with Strippers?

A Q&A about T&A. How Showgirls, one of Hollywood’s raunchiest movies, came to be

Due West

He Keeps 007 in Gear

Good news: Ben Whishaw returns as Q in the new James Bond. Not good news: the film is still delayed

Zeina Durra

With Luxor, the British filmmaker brings romance to the ruins of the Egyptian Pharaohs

Just When You Thought He Was Out…

Francis Ford Coppola is pulling us back in with a new edit of The Godfather Part III, timed to the film’s 30th anniversary

Luis Gerardo Mendez

The actor made it big in Mexico. Now he’s bringing diversity and humor to Hollywood

Hypnotized by Chess

Beth Harmon’s doe-eyed gaze reflects centuries of chess in art history

Schlock and Awe

Confessions of a male Hallmark-Christmas-movie addict

Jean-Luc Godard at 90

The New Wave director pokes the artificial veil of Instagram

He Contained Multitudes

A Frank Zappa documentary by the co-star of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure brings the musician’s originality to a new generation