Ah, The Godfather Part III. Everybody remembers where they were when they were first disappointed by The Godfather Part III. Me, I had just gotten all four wisdom teeth removed and was laying in bed trying to forget the pain. A marathon run of parts I and II had wowed me enough to soothe my gums, but two and a half grueling hours of the final chapter of the Corleone family saga had me reaching for the painkillers.

If you’re not familiar with The Godfather Part III, the film tells the story of an ailing Michael Corleone, the reluctant godfather himself, attempting to purchase a majority stake in the Vatican’s real-estate holding corporation in an effort to liberate his family from criminal ties and legitimize its businesses. Betrayals ensue, oranges tumble, wine spills, and bullets fly, and before Michael can say “they pull me back IN!,” he finds himself mired in a mafioso mess that rips the Corleones irreparably to pieces.