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We’ll Always Have Fabio How does a certain bronzed male model with free-flowing golden hair stay relevant? By remaining every bit himself … and sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber

Chic Korea Squid Game, Parasite, BTS—there’s a “K-” revolution afoot, and for once that prefix isn’t followed by “ardashian”

Opera Pick of the Week If you liked The Bride of Frankenstein, you’ll love Charles Gounod’s Gothic thriller La Nonne Sanglante

October 14, 2021

Cosmic Yuri A new biography details the life of Yuri Soloviev, the best ballet dancer you’ve never heard of

October 12, 2021

La Dolce Marina A documentary on the Italian film producer Marina Cicogna, who worked with everyone from Sergio Leone to Franco Zeffirelli, premieres in Rome

No Time to Di The filmed Broadway show Diana: The Musical is now streaming on Netflix and it’s so bad … it’s worse than Cats

A Classicist at Heart Whatever it might mean for him to “play the race card,” the tenor Russell Thomas isn’t having any

Honor Titus Rather than go to art school, the musician turned painter apprenticed with his idols. Now he’s Frieze’s brightest star

Opera Pick of the Week From San Francisco Opera, a bold new reading of Beethoven’s soul-stirring political thriller Fidelio

October 8, 2021

Inside the Buena Vista Social Club Twenty-five years after producing the album that became a global sensation, Ry Cooder reveals how fame’s “double-edged sword” affected the group

Opera Pick of the Week Double déjà vu all over again: Il Trovatore, Verdi’s warhorse in excelsis, live from Los Angeles, with dueling heroes and two modern-day knights

October 1, 2021

Françoise Gilot Is So Over Picasso After she left him, Picasso tried to get Françoise Gilot blacklisted. Today, Gilot, who turns 100 this fall, is breaking auction records

Little Gold Men, Big White Guilt L.A.’s new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has little to say about movie history—but speaks volumes about Hollywood and our times

A Spy Like No Other A new film tells the unlikely story of Noor Inayat Khan, a young Indian pacifist turned Allied spy

In Her Own Time Bob Dylan said Karen Dalton had “a voice like Billie Holiday.” A new film looks at the enigmatic singer’s enormous influence

Elizabeth Neel With a new show at Pilar Corrias, in London, Alice Neel’s granddaughter forges a path of her own

Opera Pick of the Week As the Metropolitan Opera returns to live performance, an easy fix for fans hooked on the company’s once-complimentary nightly streams

September 24, 2021

Art Basel is Back! The 50th edition of the famed art fair features work by artists as varied as Camille Pissarro and Kara Walker

September 21, 2021