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“He’s fitting in nicely.”
“This one’s on me … ”
“The ruling on the field that the receiver’s knee was down has been sent to the Ohio Third District Court of Appeals. Play will resume in six to eight weeks.”
“You forgot your mask.”
“We steal gold from the rich and sell it to a metals broker. They make a profit on their buy-and-sell spread and share a portion of that with us. Then, after the skimming and the rebates, we give to the poor.”
“Geoffrey’s rewilding.”
“Remember: lift the strongbox by keeping your back straight, knees bent, and engaging your abs.”
“You’re right—organs do look more festive in these cute Mason jars.”
“Left the gun, but took an improv class.”
“O.K., don’t answer immediately. Just let the idea wash over you: The Real Housewives of Kepler-452b.”
“I’ve got a thousand C.E.O.’s telling me I’m crazy not to check out the competition.”