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Camilla Long

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Road Kill

Forget Ginger Spice and Christian Horner—how does Formula One think suspending a female whistleblower is an acceptable response to this calamity?

Mob-Wife Style

SofĂ­a Vergara becomes Miami’s biggest drug lord in the new Netflix series Griselda, and leaves audiences with one burning question: Who is writing this nonsense?

Prince of Wails

Harry spends hours and hours on the stand yet fails to provide any evidence that his phone was hacked during his $12.5 million therapy session

The Jewel Is The Crown

Even though Season Five of Netflix’s hit series is a laughable portrait of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the show’s critics will keep watching

Misery Porn

Blonde is sexist, cruel, and degrading—so why is it currently the No. 1 film on Netflix?

Bland. James Bland

In No Time to Die, 007 is defeated … by the wokes

Fawlt Lines

The newest wave of political correctness infects the BBC—and takes away from the Black Lives Matter movement’s urgent cause